Chicago Mini Golf – A Short Note On Creation of Mini Golf Facility


For the work required under normal conditions for the Creation of a Mini Golf Facility

Preliminary Remarks: If trained skilled workers are not available for the individual jobs, placing the order with competent skilled workers for reasons of liability for impeccable quality work is called for. The below listed sequential order corresponds to the estimated timing of the work processes based on planning done prior. The regulations of the World Minigolfsport Federation (game rules and special provisions) for the creation of miniature golf facilities must be implicitly obeyed. This is especially true for all specifications regard­ing marking of the fairways. Get the facts about Miniature Golf Chicago you can try this out.

Preliminary Work: Marking out the planning details and heights. Recording of a fixed point of height to be used as reference during the work. Conduct a soil survey.

Earthwork: Leveling of the elevation under special conditions, including delivery and removal of material. Excavation of the layer of broken stone and foundation strip, excavation of the ditches for cabling, water lines, sewage.

Installation Work: Lights, water, sewer water, telephone, (in general, 4-6 hydrants are sufficient).

Construction of the Fairways: Compaction of the layer of broken stone, rearing and compaction of the drainage layer, construction of the fairways according to the building instructions.

Locksmith Work: Construction of the rimming (fairway enclosures), lecterns and ashtrays, signage, net holders fairways 7, ball basket fairway 18.

Painting Work: Priming and painting of all open iron and wooden parts, lettering on signage.

Erection of the Kiosk: Attention should be paid to the details mentioned earlier.

Walkways, Steps. Terraces: Compaction of the layer of broken stone, construction of the substructure, (foundations) and securing. Best completed in one work process following the construction of fairways.

Construction of a Fence: Generally wire fences 1.0 to 1.5 m high.

Gardening Work: Grading, loosening of the soil and soil improvement, final leveling, fringing and planting work,

Accessories: Benches, supplementary equipment, sports equipment and tools/equip­ment for care and maintenance.

Unavoidably, the required work will vary depending on local situations. For the never chang­ing shapes and dimensions of the fairways, the below listed guidance for construction is as detailed as possible and, together with the plans provided, allows for their exact con­struction. In keeping u with the ever-advancing development of building materials, changes will always be possible for the purpose of quality improvements.